[Biblemat] Was John boiled in oil? (question/answer)

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You asked:

Was john in Revelation boiled in oil?


First, the Bible contains not a scintilla about the apostle John being
boiled in oil.  Tertullian, the historian, is largely responsible for the
tradition that John was arrested, tried, and placed in a cauldron of boiling
oil, but miraculously was unharmed.  According to the story, rather than
being convinced of John's innocence, his enemies accused him of
having been delivered by the power of sorcery and they exiled him to
Patmos, from where he penned Revelation.  Did the cauldron of
boiling oil miracle actually happen?  We do not know for sure and
there is not enough history documentation to present the tradition
as fact, I do not believe.  Notwithstanding, the Western Church
until 1960 (they removed this event from the Catholic calendar in
1960) liturgically commemorated this tradition.  The lesson is
we must use the Bible as our authority and be very careful regarding secular
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begotten Son (I Jn. 4: 8, Jn. 3: 16, Acts 17: 22-34)....."

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